Responding to reviews

Why should I respond to reviews?

Though there are many reasons to answer your reviews, these are the three main points to keep in mind:

  1. It shows your customers that you care enough to respond and listen to their feedback
  2. It shows potential customers that you’re on top of your reviews, which gives them that extra confidence to purchase from you
  3. A lot of review sites, including Google, will actually notify the customer when you answer their review, which reminds them of you and can serve as a great catalyst for repurchases and increasing retention.

Responding to reviews with Review My Company

While we aim to allow you to respond to all your reviews directly from Review My Company, each of our supported review sites with works differently. Some review sites have APIs and others do not, which limits our ability to provide this functionality. There are three scenarios when it comes to responding to reviews:

1. Responding from the Review My Company dashboard

When we are able to integrate to a review site by API (eg. Facebook, Google, Trustpilot), we allow you to respond to a given review directly from our dashboard.

2. Direct URL to the review in the review site dashboard

When we don’t have API access, our review response button will attempt to provide you with a direct link to the review site response page for that given review, meaning that it’s one click away.

3. Indirect URL to the review site dashboard

Where the aforementioned options aren’t available, our link will take you to the review site dashboard in question, where you will need to find the given review in order to respond to it.