Add customers from your dashboard

You have two options when adding customers from your dashboard: adding them one-by-one, or adding them in bulk by uploading a CSV file.

Add customers one-by-one

To add a single customer, simply click ” Send Invites” located on your admin dashboard. Next, enter the customer’s name and email address or name and phone number depending on the invitation channel that you would like to use. Once the details are provided, select the campaign that you would like to use to add the customer to a campaign. You can also view the schedule and the preview of the messages using the “Preview Invitation” button.

Add customers in bulk (CSV)

Adding customers in bulk is useful when you have > 10 customers, or are uploading customer lists on a regular basis. You can create a new customer list by visiting Customers and then Customer lists in your menu.

You will be asked for:

  1. A name for your customer list

   2. Uploading your CSV file

You’ll now be asked to select and upload your CSV file, and then click Next. Your file will be uploaded and parsed, and you will see how many customers have been identified. You will now be asked to match the columns in your CSV to the fields on our side – customer ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone.

Make sure to upload your CSV in UTF-8 format for maximum compatibility.

3. Matching the columns in your CSV to fields in Review My Company (such as
         an email)

Pro-tip: Use the following headers when uploading your customers via CSV.

email_address, phone_number, first_name, last_name, shortname, phone_country

The “Your Data” column will show the columns available in your CSV file, so make sure to match them to the relevant fields on the left to ensure a successful upload. Once you’re happy, click Next and then Import to upload your customer list. These customers will now be available on your customer list.

     4. Confirm the import to start the import process

To send a review invitation to the customers on the list, click the Send Invites button on the upper part of the dashboard then select Customer List. You will see a drop-down where you can search for the customer list that you have just added. Select your preferred list then choose the campaign that you would like to use for your invites then hit the Send Invitation button.