Introduction to the dashboard

Welcome to your new review management platform! In this article, we will show you the different parts of the dashboard to help you get started. You will also learn about the different functionalities that would help you easily manage your reviews. Now, let’s get started!


Managing your online reviews is as important as managing your business. It doesn’t only help you get recognized and retain customer loyalty, but it also helps you market your brand through your customer’s feedback. Our review management platform offers the following solutions to help you achieve this:

1. Manage your reviews – The platform allows you to aggregate reviews from different review sites into one dashboard, giving you the convenience to easily manage your reviews using one tool

2. Generate new reviews – By using this platform, you can easily generate new reviews by asking your customers either through email or SMS.

3. Show off your reviews – This tool can also help you in showing off your reviews to your website or social media accounts. Showing off your reviews will help build your social proof and get more customers.

4. Analyze your reviews – You can also use this platform to analyze your reviews across different reviews sites and locations to give you an idea of your business performance and competition.

The Dashboard

You will see two different dashboards upon logging in to the platform, the Review Dashboard, and the Admin Dashboard. These dashboards will serve as your best friend as you navigate the platform to manage your reviews.

Review Dashboard

This is the main dashboard that you will see right after you logged in. It is where an overview of your ratings and invites will be shown. On the left side, you will see the different dashboard menu that will help you navigate the platform. The menu includes the following tabs:

Company and Location drop-down – For businesses with multiple locations, these drop-down option is where you can switch between different clients, locations, or competitors.

Reviews – This is the tab where you can see and manage your detailed reviews, add your review sources, and set up social sharing to show off your reviews on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google post.

Customers – The Customers tab is where you can add and view your customer’s information. This is also where you can see your customer’s timeline to check if they have already received and opened the invite or if they have already left a review.

Invitations – This is where you can set up and manage your templates, campaigns, and review invitations.

Reports – This menu will come in handy in case you want to analyze your reviews and your business’ performance.

Widgets – This is where you can create and get your review widgets to show off your reviews on your website.

Landing Page – This is one of the important tabs on your dashboard’s menu and plays a vital role when generating new reviews.

Configurations – This is the tab where you can manage your locations and competitors.

Admin Dashboard

Located on the upper part of the page is your Admin dashboard. This dashboard holds additional settings for managing your reviews. Here are options that you can find on your Admin dashboard:

Send Invites – This is where you can send your review invitations either via email or SMS.

Account drop-down – This is where you can manage your account credentials as well as adjust your notifications.

Now that you have an overview of how the platform looks like, the next step is to add your review sources.

You can also check the rest of the Starter guide if you are done setting up your review sources.

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Which review sites do you support?

Below is a list of review sites that we support currently.

If you use a review site that we don’t support, there is am option to add custom review sources within our system.

  • Agoda ✔️
  • Airbnb ✔️
  • AlternativeTo ✔️
  • Amazon ✔️ (US and FR marketplaces, others coming soon)
  • Angies List ✔️
  • ApartmentRatings ✔️
  • ✔️
  • Avvo ✔️
  • BBB ✔️
  • ✔️
  • Capterra ✔️
  • CarGurus ✔️
  • ✔️
  • Citysearch ✔️
  • Consumer Affairs ✔️
  • CreditKarma ✔️
  • CustomerLobby ✔️
  • DealerRater ✔️
  • Ebay ✔️
  • Edmunds ✔️
  • Expedia ✔️
  • Facebook ✔️
  • FindLaw ✔️
  • G2Crowd ✔️
  • Glassdoor ✔️
  • Google ✔️
  • GreatSchools ✔️
  • Healthgrades ✔️
  • HomeAdvisor ✔️
  • Homestars ✔️
  • Houzz ✔️
  • ✔️
  • Indeed ✔️
  • Insider Pages ✔️
  • Jet ✔️
  • ✔️
  • Lending Tree ✔️
  • Martindale ✔️
  • Newegg ✔️
  • Niche ✔️
  • OpenRice ✔️
  • Opentable ✔️
  • ProductHunt ✔️
  • ProductReview ✔️
  • RateMDs ✔️
  • RealSelf ✔️
  • Siftery ✔️
  • Sitejabber ✔️
  • SoftwareAdvice ✔️
  • The Knot ✔️
  • Thumbtack ✔️
  • TripAdvisor ✔️
  • Trulia ✔️
  • TrustedShops ✔️
  • Trustpilot ✔️
  • TrustRadius ✔️
  • Vitals ✔️
  • Walmart ✔️
  • WebMD ✔️
  • WeddingWire ✔️
  • Yelp ✔️
  • Yell ✔️
  • Yellow Pages ✔️
  • Zillow ✔️
  • ZocDoc ✔️
  • Zomato ✔️

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Do you allow suppressing negative reviews?

You will notice that our process always gives the customer the option to leave a third party review, whether they are happy or not.

There are three main reasons for this:

  1. It’s not hard for your customers to notice when you’re taking their happy reviews publicly and negative reviews internally. Using these methods will cause your customers to trust you less, and your unhappy customers will inevitably find a way to get their voices heard anyway.
  2. It breaks the terms and conditions of most review sites out there, so can lead to problems for your review profile in the future. All it takes is one of your customers reporting your practices to the review sites, and you risk your profile being banned.
  3. Unhappy feedback is only natural for any business, and it makes you look real. In this sense, potential customers will be looking at how you respond to that feedback than anything.

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How do Facebook permissions work?

When you add a Facebook review source with the Grant access method or enable social sharing to Facebook, we need you to give us permission to manage a given page (or pages) in your Facebook account.

When you click the Continue with Facebook button we take you to Facebook for this purpose, and Facebook asks you which page(s) you want to give us access to.

You can either choose to provide us access to All Pages, or select the specific page you would like us to use.

Common issues

1. Multiple clients

In the case that you have multiple clients, and are granting access to manage their Facebook pages from through one Facebook account, you should select the All Pages option when you see the step above.

This is because we receive access from one Facebook app, so if you first grant access to page X for one client, and then page Y for another client, we will loose access to that page X.

2. Not all pages populate in Review My Company

  1. Go to Settings from your Facebook profile (using the drop down in the top-right)
  2. Click Business Integrations from the left sidebar.
  3. Select & remove the ‘Online Reviews‘ integration.
  4. Go back to your Review My Company dashboard and grant the authorization again.
  5. Your pages should now all show up.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about this setup or need additional assistance.

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My reviews aren’t syncing – can you help?

There are a number of reasons why your reviews might not be syncing from your review sources – it could be due to an issue with the permission you have provided us, changed account credentials, invalid URLs and more.

We’re always happy to help you figure out what the exact issue is and ensure that all your reviews are synced correctly. Feel free to contact us with the following information, to help us help you as quickly as possible:

  1. Which client account is being affected (if any)?
  2. Which location is being affected (if any)?
  3. Which review source is being affected?
  4. Share any specific reviews that you are seeing in the third party review site that you aren’t seeing in our system.

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How do I add a landing page to my website?

Besides using our widgets to show off your reviews on your site, you might also want to add one of your landing pages to your site to help generate reviews.

While we don’t have a JavaScript snippet for you to add, it’s just as easy to accomplish this by using this snippet of code:

<iframe style="border:0;" height="800px" src="" onload="this.width=screen.width;"></iframe>

All you have to do is to replace  with your own landing page URL, and you’ll be set. Below is an example of how it will look on your website.

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