Add customers from the opt-in landing page

The Opt in landing page makes it possible for your customers (or employees on their behalf) to opt in to receiving review invitations from you, for example from a kiosk in your store. You can setup this landing page by visiting Landing page  in your Review My Company dashboard.

To setup your opt in page, you will need to have a campaign – your customer will get added to the campaign once they are opted in. This allows you to set a delay on the review invitation, reminders and more options.


You can enable authentication on the opt-in page, which requires visitors to input a username and password before inputting customer information. This is useful if you have employees inputting information and don’t want the public to be able to do so.

These credentials typically only need to be input once, as they get saved for future visits by most modern browsers.

CSV upload

Enable the CSV upload option to be able to upload a CSV file of customers directly from the opt in page, for when you need to opt in more than one customer at a time.

For the sake of simplicity, we require the file to use a standard format as follows:

Pro-tip: Use the following headers when uploading your customers via CSV.

email_address, phone_number, first_name, last_name, shortname, phone_country

Editing the page

You can edit your landing page (setting text, uploading a logo etc.) by visiting the landing page directly – you will see a blue pencil icon in the top left corner.

When this icon is clicked, it activates an editor on the page which allows you to make changes directly on the page. If you’re happy with the changes, click the green tick-mark, which will make those changes live.